What Goes On Her Mind

mixed media, OCartistoftheyear


20×45, Acrylic, Charcoal.


Journey of a World Citizen

OCartistoftheyear, painting


48×48, Ink

This piece is an illustration of the different places I have been and the interactions I have experienced, whether in Chicago, Hong Kong, Seoul, or Los Angeles. This experience made me realize that art does not disengage from society; instead it intimately encompasses real life. To explore this concept, I created a piece that I’d like to think of as an experimental journey. Carefully painting each facial detail was symbolic of the relationships I have formed with different people around the world and their lasting impressions in my life. The uneven, clustered organization of faces explores the idea of a culturally integrated world and our unique, sometimes disparate connections with each other.

ID Card

mixed media, OCartistoftheyear


13x32x2, Mixed Media

Design project at the California State Summer School for the Arts.

This piece, titled ID Card, showcases the importance of fashion and how even the simplest of tones can reflect one’s personality. I created this work during my time at CSSSA; the project was to create a design using black and white colors. I decided to create a dress that expressed my personality. Although I was limited with my time and resources, I managed to create a unique, eccentric dress expressing my personality. One of the first impressions you receive when you meet someone is through their clothing. Having been raised by a mom who studied fashion, I was always aware of the impact my clothes could have on people. My clothing is like my ID card, in which I represent myself through my clothing, even if limited to the simplest of materials.