Apart Mental

art, drawing, OCartistoftheyear

DSC_0559 copy.jpg


24×32, colorpencil

This drawing symbolizes our increasingly myopic society in a world where we are sheltered behind the screens of social media. In Hong Kong, selling betta fish in small, compacted containers is common; they are sold daily on the streets. Betta fish can survive in enclosed spaces, and often fight when put together. The fish symbolize people and our hesitance to go beyond the familiar. The jarring yet colorfully stunning picture depicts my observation of the strange reality we live in. By drawing this piece, I explore ideas of vulnerability and challenging ourselves to step outside of our comfort zone.



Human Food Chain

mixed media, OCartistoftheyear


Each Mask: 4x10x3, Mixed Media

This installation piece is designed using a series of masks that I made from scratch, using three simple ingredients: flour, water, and newspaper. I created this piece to symbolize how society has certain expectations for what a leader should be like. Our culture has very specific criteria as to what a person should accomplish before they can reach the top of the food chain. In the past, Justices of the Supreme Court were white and graduated from either Harvard or Yale. I created this installation as a means to break this standard because everyone is different and has something great to offer the world. We shouldn’t put impractical expectations on people because everyone is different and has something unique to offer.


mixed media, OCartistoftheyear


24×20, Mixed Media

This piece depicts my concern with lost potential. Something I have always struggled with was searching for my potential, and wondering if “art” was all I had to offer to the world. The beads scattered across the plane symbolize the futility of a single jewel, as it may never realize its full potential. However, if carefully treated and utilized, a single jewel can become a beautiful creation with great potential and worth. This piece explores my subconscious worry as I start preparing for college and choosing my major. I used black spray paint on the paper to create sand-like textures. I also used thread to convey a sense of radiance emanating from the treasure.