Human Virus

drawing, OCartistoftheyear


24×18, Colored Pencil



art, drawing, OCartistoftheyear


15×21, Colored Pencil

People have often spoken to me in a foreign language because they thought I looked Chinese. Maybe this is because I grew up in Hong Kong? Our environment can drastically change how others perceive us, and the more places I travel the more multicultural I become. This piece depicts my constantly evolving mind, that an idea can be easily changed as I experience different cultures and learn new things. The optical illusion here shows three faces facing three different directions. I used this to interpret my identity as a multifaceted citizen.

Apart Mental

art, drawing, OCartistoftheyear



This drawing symbolizes our increasingly myopic society in a world where we are sheltered behind the screens of social media. In Hong Kong, selling betta fish in small, compacted containers is common; they are sold daily on the streets. Betta fish can survive in enclosed spaces, and often fight when put together. The fish symbolize people and our hesitance to go beyond the familiar. The jarring yet colorfully stunning picture depicts my observation of the strange reality we live in. By drawing this piece, I explore ideas of vulnerability and challenging ourselves to step outside of our comfort zone.